Distribution and Fulfillment As Services

FAAST specializes in providing it's client's four types of services.  

  • B2B Distribution: This process entails the periodic replenishment of inventory to stores and distribution channels. This type of operation is the most traditional of the inventory management and logistics operations. FAAST offers "Distribution As A Service" through its patented technology which automates this operations reducing cost, increasing speed, efficiency and throughput. cases and pallets


  • B2C Fulfillment: E-commerce has brought a new level of convenience to the consumer and represents the fastest growing segment in the industry. Today, every retailer has to have an e-commerce strategy just to keep up with the competition. Unfortunately, the complexity and high cost of fulfilling on-line orders is daunting and it can be safely said that no retailer is making any significant margins or acceptable ROI on this most modern channel. For fulfillment, FAAST offers Fulfillment As A Service, where our patented pick-and-pack technology reduces labor costs by 75%, real estate costs by 70% while increasing speed, efficiency and throughput.

  • Inventory Placement As A Service: The push for small, high velocity assortments at the brick-and-mortar stores and of quick delivery to the home for on-line orders, makes it necessary for retailers to place inventories closer and closer to the store and more importantly to the consumer. This is a hugely expensive undertaking that even the 10 largest retailers in the United States, including Amazon.com have not achieved yet. Supermarkets are a category of retailers that have successfully positioned themselves close to the consumer (in the neighborhood) while offering a varied assortment of products under one roof.  By offering 3PL services located close to the consumer, FAAST empowers retailer to place their inventories strategically close to the store and to the consumer.

  • Technology As A Service: Licensing and/leasing the patented robotic systems